There is a multitude of things to see and capture through photography. As our surroundings evolve constantly there are things that remain unnoticed to some. My work is an avenue to explore and bring attention to these things and give it a unique presence.

My recent body of work, Nature Glitches, is about how man builds something but when it is left alone, nature eventually grabs hold and takes back her claim. Technology has taken my photography to another level, I can deliberately and purposefully alter images; by altering the text of an image, I am creating a metaphor of the natural occurrence of change by nature itself. From the ground up not just on the surface, just like the roots that dig in and embed themselves into the core of the building or moisture creeping into the paint and peeling away the layers. These images become multilayered and more abstract as they are created, like building and recreating a new version of what was once there but in a fresh new way.


By corrupting a digital photo in its most basic form, I create images that are a metaphor of this transition from man back to nature again. The addition of the sculptural collage element builds on further deconstruction and reconstruction of the image. My vision with this body of work is to give the viewer another way to appreciate this transformation. They take on a life of their own and become abstract or surreal and when finished giving the viewers’ eye another perspective of how something could be perceived. Questions may arise but may go unanswered which is acceptable to allow the progression of the image itself to become something new. The modern approach that Melanie Willhide uses in her work by mixing analog and digital formats along with the corruption of the file adds beauty and mystery which I find inspirational to my work.


I am continually looking for new ways to develop my work into visually complex artworks to be explored by the viewer. The deconstruction/reconstruction of the file has given new life to the image. Signs or words will continue to be relevant in my artwork to help push the viewer to consider the meaning or perhaps add their own interpretation to the meaning of the work. This becomes more apparent in my sign series. The sign miniatures are reconstructed from signs I have seen and/or photographed. They have been manipulated in different ways back into photographs and essentially repurposed. Being able to recreate and use what I have seen gives new life to something from the past that may seem no longer relevant. William Christenberry is a photographer whom I have found inspirational by using his photography in a similar manner. 

As an artist, the ideas are free flowing and endless with what I want to express. Both of these series I think are far from complete, There is much to expand on when time allows. I will continue to photograph for I am driven to capture what I see in the everyday world which will show itself in different ways as my artistic processes expand as I continue to explore the ways to express all that I see in this world that I live in. 

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