Born in Colorado, Michelle Miller felt that growing up on the flat plains of Colorado, meant that sometimes finding beauty in nature as a challenge. Living on a farm far from any towns and being the only girl lent Michelle hours of imaginary play and unlimited opportunities to create whether it was teaching herself to sew, paint, draw or design elaborate sets for stories. It only seemed natural for Michelle to be imaginative which was fostered by several teachers who could see the potential inside her throughout her childhood years.


Her family background consists of avid photographers, with her grandfathers’ artistic style and her mother’s documentary approach, Michelle fell in love with the story and history behind their photos. After completing high school in the little town Colorado town, and much indecision with colleges and majors, she was accepted into Metropolitan State College of Denver where she decided to take what would be considered a more practical approach and settled on a travel administration major. When she signed up for a drawing class as an elective, the passion was rekindled and everything was changed. As a young adult, Michelle was able to restore and reprint many of her grandfather’s old larger format negatives while interning at the Colorado History Museum in Denver. Her grandfather’s scenic photos of the family farm and portraits of her mother as a child influenced her photography as an undergraduate. She graduated in 1994 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts with an emphasis in photography. Classically trained in a dark room, she spent years exploring studio work and the environment around her digging deeply for those little unnoticed artifacts that she found so compelling.


After running her own studio photography based business for fifteen years, testing the waters of journalism as newspaper photo manager and a brief stint of running a print lab while raising four children, she decided to attain her teacher’s license in 2008 and currently teaches photography at Cherokee Trail high school  in Aurora, Colorado. She has been in numerous shows and exhibits over the years and received recognition and awards including an Associated Press Award.  In 2016, she was accepted to Texas A&M University-Commerce to further her education and is currently working on her Masters of Art in studio with a planned graduation date for summer of 2020.

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